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October 1, 2016 @ 6:30 am - 10:30 am EDT

Lighting Up the Night: Light Painting for Night Photography

In this fun and informative night workshop you will learn the tips and techniques to get unique outdoor images using long exposures and lighting tools. Light painting is a technique where the photographer works in a darkened environment, and by using common flashlights can light the scene over time and in a manner that would be difficult or even impossible to do using conventional lighting or strobes. This hands-on workshop will cover: theories of good lighting, equipment needed for light painting, tips and techniques, demonstration of the two major approaches to light painting.

Type: Outdoor Workshop

Activity Level:  Low, there will be some walking on flat ground.

Things to Know: We will be photographing outside in the dark. YOU MUST BRING A FLASHLIGHT!!! No sharing, you have to have your own, we really don’t want people stumbling around in the dark! We recommend it be a headlamp so you can keep your hands free, but that is not required. 

You will also want a variety of flashlights for the light painting portion of the workshop, from small to large.  Colored gels or filters or flashlights with various color modes can add a creative twist to your photos as well.

This will be overnight starting around 2:00am Saturday morning. This would be your morning workshop that day and you wouldn’t have to be back to BHSU until lunchtime, so you can go get some sleep.

***New! We have had several people ask if they could take one of the nighttime photo workshops along with a regular morning workshop, so basically 2 workshops in one session since the times are different enough. You asked for it… you got it!

Two Workshops in One Session applies only if you are interested in:

• Session 1, Saturday Morning: Lighting Up the Night: Light Painting for Night Photography PLUS ANOTHER Session 1, Saturday Morning workshop.
• Session 3, Sunday Morning: Photography After Dark: Night Skies and the Blue Hour PLUS ANOTHER Session 3, Sunday Morning workshop.

If you are already registered for this workshop and would like to take any other workshop during the same session (which would start after the nighttime workshops have ended), you can do so in either or both sessions for $40 for each additional workshop. There must still be space available in any workshop you want to add.

Please keep in mind that you will be coming back from the night workshop and in many cases going directly to meet the group for your next morning workshop. The nightime workshops will go from approximately 2:00-5:00am (exact times will be listed in the event program). Yes… we will make sure you have time for a quick potty break, but you may want to bring breakfast or a snack with you.

If you have already registered for a workshop and want to add a workshop, you can go to the link below and add the workshop you haven’t signed up for already and we will add it to your schedule. This will only work if you are interested in taking one of the night photography workshops as all other workshops will overlap with other workshops in that session except these.

If you haven’t registered at all for the Photo Shootout, you will need to go through the regular registration process first, then to add either or both of the additional workshops in Session 1 or 3 (remember, one MUST be a nighttime workshop), prior to checking out, copy the link(s) below into your browser and add it to your cart with your registration. If you want to add an extra workshop in both sessions, click one link, add it to your cart, then come back to this and copy the second link and add it to your cart.

Additional Session 1 – Saturday AM Workshop

Additional Session 3 – Sunday AM Workshop

What to Bring:  Telephoto and wide angle lenses will both be very handy in this workshop. A tripod is virtually a must due to the long exposures. Knowledge of your camera’s exposure bracketing capabilities and manual exposure ahead of time will come in handy.  The instructor will bring some flashlights, but you may want to bring some of your own as well.  All sizes and filter colors will come in handy. A red-light flashlight is also recommended because it will allow you to see at night without “blinding” you with the white light and affecting your night vision. You can also cover a regular flashlight with red cellophane and a rubber band for the same effect.


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