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October 1, 2016 @ 3:30 pm - 6:30 pm EDT

Need for Speed: Drag Racing

Smoking tires, flashy colors, and blazing speed, just part of what makes the fastest motor sport in the world a one-of-a-kind photography experience. Every weekend of the year at locations all around the country people gather to race just about any kind of vehicle you can imagine. On this workshop, we will photograph one of the ultimate spectacles of speed and power… drag racing!  We will teach you how to photograph motor sports of all kinds

For this workshop we will have access to the pit area and track side to the drag strip of live racing. Drag racing is all about power and speed, we will teach you how to capture dramatic images of the cars, drivers, and crews in action. You will learn the right settings to freeze the action or convey a sense of motion in your shots, how to work under natural or artificial light on the track, and ways to tell the story behind the people and their cars. This is a challenging and unique form of photography, you will learn the tips and techniques pros use to capture stunning images of these races, so you can get out there and satisfy both your need for speed and for filling up memory cards!

Type: Outdoor Workshop

Activity Level: Low

Things to Know:  Motor racing is dangerous, and while nobody goes to a race expecting to be injured, it can happen. Make sure you listen carefully and follow all the safety rules before and during the workshop. And never ever turn your back on a moving car!

What to Bring:  Lenses from wide angle to long telephotos are good, the key will be versatility. While a tripod is always a good thing, due to room you may need to hand-hold your camera or use a monopod. Flash is also a good idea, but not required. And bring ear plugs, especially if you are sensitive to noise!


Black Hills State University
1200 University Blvd
Spearfish, SD 57799 United States


Chad Coppess