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October 1, 2016 @ 6:30 am - 10:30 am EDT

The Grab Bag Mystery Workshop

So, um you’re really putting me on the spot here. ¬†Is this just a filler spot because I didn’t get around to picking a workshop and I’m hoping Nicole won’t notice I put this here. ¬†Or is it the coolest workshop ever that I don’t want people to get in fist fights over when it gets booked up so I am hiding its name? ¬†Or am I hoping no one signs up for this one so I can sleep in, have a nice breakfast, and relax until lunch?***

Maybe its all three, or none of the above…

Type: Outdoor Workshop.  Or Indoor.  Not sure, but definitely one of the two.

Activity Level:  Strenuous then Low to Moderate, maybe some more Strenuous.  Or not.

Things to Know: Your instructor really likes doughnuts. ¬†Cake doughtnuts are a favorite, but any are good (glazed, jelly-filled, etc.). ¬†Also, it has been said coffee is a great accompaniment to doughnuts. ¬†2 creams no sugar please…

We will be meeting at BHSU.  Carpooling is recommended.

What to Bring: ¬†Coffee and doughnuts. ¬†You might also want to bring your camera ūüėÄ . For lenses we recommend bringing a variety, we will work with using different focal lengths in creative ways. Bring any photo gear you would like to use. ¬†Snorkeling gear is not required for this workshop.

***(I’d bet on number 3)

ps. Calling or emailing Nicole to try to get her to spill the beans on this workshop will not work, so don’t even try, I have bound her to an oath of confidentiality. You will just have to trust me…or not!


Black Hills State University
1200 University Blvd
Spearfish, SD 57799 United States